The way to school_初一作文_初中作文

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  The way to school_初一作文_初中作文

  Jack and his father move to a new town.Jack s parents are very busy,so Jack takes the school bus every moring at twenty past seven.

  One moring when he gets up, it is eight o clock,so he has to take his father s car to school."Do you know the way to my school,Dad?""No,but you can tell me.""Ok!"Then Jack tells his father to turn right here and turn left there.

  His father s car runs around most places of the town before they get to school .His father finds that the school is not very far from their house ."Why do you tell me to go this long way ,Jack?""Because our school bus always goes this way to pick up other children to school."

  Do you think jack is lovely?

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